Use the Brain God Gave You (Part 3)

I agree with the addage “a mind is a terrible thing to waste!” I am sure that no one would want to fall into the category of those who waste mental energy on things that have no lasting or redeeming merit. Amusement and entertainment are fine but should be kept within reasonable proportions. This blog is the third in a series of four and is designed to stimulate readers towards engaging the mind in daily life–centered on the Scriptures.
Paul writes rather succinctly that those who fulfill the lusts of the flesh do so from wrong desires of the mind and heart (Eph 2:3). Therefore, it is imperative that I deal with my mind and heart as they relate to my current problems in life. In doing so, I will answer two important questions: What does I think about my sin? What do I want (or love) so much that I am willing to sin to get it?
Anger, lust, depression, addictions…many problems in life can surface as the result of someone yielding solely to his feelings. There is a wise maxim that reads, “You can’t begin to act like Jesus until you think like Jesus.” There is a lot of biblical merit to that. Jesus always chose to do the will of the Father, whether he felt like it or not. He engaged His mind to obey the Father on the night before His death because He certainly didn’t feel like it. His actions followed His thinking, not His feelings. I can learn a lot from Jesus’ use of His mind in making important, God-pleasing decisions that will help him to have victory through his current problems and set him up for future success. I need to equip myself to think biblically that will lead me to godly actions. When i can make this a habit in my life, then I cannot be guilty of “wasting my mind!”

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