Use the Brain God Gave You (Part 4 of 4)

I think a great name for an industrial cleaner would be “Elbow Grease.” I can picture the bottle and hear the commercial in my mind with the narrator saying, “for the toughest stains, all you need is ‘Elbow Grease’…try some today.” We use the phrase, elbow grease to motivate people to try harder–no matter what the task is. In this final blog of the series on Using the Brain God Gave You, I want to motivate people to put forth effort and hard work that God requires for us to think and act biblically.
The renewal of the mind that Paul calls for (see part 2 in this series) will not be easy and the Apostle Peter agrees as he states in his letter (1 Pet 1:13). The believer is to “gird up the loins of his mind,” which is similar to the modern day proverb, “roll up your sleeves and get to work.” Peter applies this maxim to the need for believers to be holy (14-15). In other words, in order for the counselee to live a holy life that God demands, he must do the hard work of thinking correctly. Granted, changing one’s behavior is complicated at times, but there is tremendous hope for the one who grasps this basic concept that genuine change begins by renewing the mind from what you once thought was true to what the Bible teaches is true. Godly actions will certainly follow!

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