Faithlife Groups

Faithlife Groups allows our church family to connect with some important and safe tools including:

Safety: This tool keeps sensitive content member-facing instead of being publicly available. The admins have control over who is able to see differing types of information. For example a "follower" is only able to see items such as status updates but a "member" has full access to sensitive information.

One more thing: To return to Faithlife Groups any time, locate and select the hexagon shaped flame icon on the top right portion of any page on our website or you can get the mobile app here or .


Connecting to Faithlife Groups

Simplest Method (Pastor Assisted):

  1. Send Pastor an email requesting to join the group. Be sure to include the email address you want the invite sent to. Feel free to use the contact form.
  2. An invite link will sent back to that same email address, but be aware that your email may filter the response as spam or junk.

DIY Method:

  1. Set up an account at Faithlife Groups
  2. Once signed in, at the top of the webpage next to the Faithlife Logo, locate the search box.
  3. Enter the text: First Baptist Church of Randolph, NY
  4. As you type, search will drop a list of selections below the field. Locate the correct church (you will see our logo) and aselect it. THe church page will load.
  5. You will see a blue button with "Follow" on it. Click it. The group admins will get a message and will enable the appropriate member level so you will have access to a whole variety of tools.


LOGOS Bible Software

This is powerful Bible study software, even in it's free form. Pastor would love to discuss how you can use Logos to grow in your faith.
Logos for PC/Mac computers and you can get the mobile app here or .